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A recap of our Chinese New Year Celebrations!

We recently celebrated the Chinese New Year in style in both our New Haven and West Hartford stores!  It was so much fun to enjoy traditional activities with our friends and customers – so we thought we would share some highlights here, along with some info on the activities and traditions behind the celebration:

calligraphy image for blog

Such as Chinese calligraphy, provided by Ms. Lorelei Chang, the ARtistic Director at DancEnlight.  Celebrated for its elegance, style, and ancient cultural roots, the art of calligraphy is celebrated at the Chinese New Year in recognition of cultural heritage and identity

double happiness papercut

Traditionally created for couples at their wedding, the “double happiness” paper cut symbolizes unity, prosperity, and harmony.  It’s also a beautiful craft which represents a beautiful story of love.

tai chi picture for blog

Tai Chi and Qi Gong with our Reiki healer, Aaron Weston, visited both of our celebrations and led demonstrations in the holistic arts.  Tai Chi creates a sense of self and presence whilst promoting well being through studied movement, and Qi Gong aligns body, soul, and breath through mindful meditation.  Both practices are rooted in Chinese culture and are part of a holistic and healthy life style – along with lots of healthy tea drinking of course!

There was plenty of tea sampling at both our Chinese Celebrations as well:

tea sampling

Including some very adorable customers in traditional Asian attire

photo (88)

And our friendly staff handed out samples of some of our favorite foods in New Haven!

shrimp sushi

Close up of the shrimp sushi roll with tea infused rice

A special thank you to the New Haven Mayor, Toni Harp, Dr. Henry Lee and his wife, and Officer Daniel for joining us at our New Haven Celebration:

calligraphy picture for blog

And a big thank you to everyone else who joined us as well at both stores!  We look forward to seeing you next year – and quite often in between.

more tea sampling


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