Rejuvenate For Spring!

hello spring

After a long cold winter, our bodies are in need of renewal. We asked our staff to recommend their favorite teas for spring! Enjoy!

– Pink Cherry Cider: This white tea is a lovely mix of sweet & sour fruits. It’s rich in antioxidants that help promote healthy skin. If your skin is feeling dry and dull from winter, this fruity blend is perfect for restoring your complexion!

– Coconut Spring: This green tea is mild and sweet. It’s a blend of Chinese & Japanese green tea and creamy shredded coconut. It’s loaded with vitamins & antioxidants and it tastes amazing iced!

– Sweet Watermelon: This thirst-quenching white tea will get you dreaming of summer! It’s naturally sweet, and contains vitamin-rich pieces of dried watermelon.

– Buddah’s Favor: This oolong tea represents the spring season perfectly! It has fresh floral notes and an airy quality to it. And for those of you looking to shed winter weight, oolong helps aid in digestion & burn fat!

– Raspberry Pu-Erh: This earthy pu-erh tea is delicious for spring! It’s mixed with Chinese green tea, hibiscus, & raspberries giving it a rich flavor. Pu-erh tea is naturally cleansing & aids in weight loss.


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