Phoenix Oolong: A Healthy Powerhouse


Phoenix Oolong is one of China’s most famous & healthiest teas. It has been a delicacy in China since the Ming Dynasty! It was used as the tribute tea to emperors. Oolong tea originated in the Phoenix Mountain, which is located in the Guangdong Province.  This area is known for its rich resources of premium teas. There are over 80 tea cultivars in this region alone! All of which offer a distinct variety of flavor.

phoenix mountain 1


The harvesting process for Phoenix Oolong is very intensive. Every single tea leaf is hand-picked from a single shrub of the tea tree.

Next comes the fermentation process, which is very extensive & time-consuming. The temperature that the tea is fermented has to be strictly monitored so that only the edge of the leaf is damaged.

This allows the middle of the leaf to oxidize & remain intact. This unique process preserves the fresh green note that Phoenix Oolong is known for. It offers a lightly sweet orchid taste, that leaves you feeling refreshed and renewed.

 Oolong Tea offers countless health benefits! We recommend incorporating Oolong into your daily teatime for best results. In China, Oolong is sipped after a large meal (typically lunchtime) to help jumpstart the digestive system.


  1. Antioxidant Rich
  2. Burns Fat
  3. Boosts Metabolism
  4. Improves Bone Health
  5. Lowers Cholesterol
  6. Anti-Aging & Promotes Youthful Skin
  7. Prevents Tooth Decay
  8. Vitamin A Rich
  9. Mineral Rich (magnesium, calcium, potassium & phosphorus)
  10. Promotes Healthy & Shiny Hair
  11. Prevents Hair Loss
  12. Fights Diabetes & Lowers Blood Sugar Levels
  13. Decreases Stress Levels
  14. Improves Digestion
  15. Prevents Cancer




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