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Matcha Coconut Latte

Matcha Latte close up

Lattes don’t always have to be a calorie-dense drink, they can be delicious & healthy too!

If you enjoy a nice Green Tea Latte, then you will love our MATCHA COCONUT LATTE! We blend our Organic Grade A Matcha with one of our popular green teas, Coconut Spring (Chinese & Japanese green tea, shredded coconut, & natural coconut extract).

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Coconut Spring Green Tea (photo credit: Elisa E. Photo)



  • 1/4 TSP of Organic Matcha powder
  • 1 TBS Coconut Spring green tea
  • 1.5 TBS honey (or to taste)
  • 1/3 organic coconut milk (or your milk preference)


  1. Steep Coconut Spring in 12 oz of under-boiled water for 2 minutes.
  2. Strain out tea leaves, and sweeten tea with honey.
  3. Add 1/4 TSP of Matcha powder to Matcha bowl ( or any small bowl) and add about 1 oz of steeped Coconut Spring to it.
  4. Whisk tea mixture with a bamboo whisk in “Z” formation until bubbles start to form on the surface (this will indicate the Matcha is fully dissolved).
  5. Add Matcha mixture to the rest of the Coconut Spring tea.
  6. Froth coconut milk (or your milk of choice) and pour over tea.
  7. Relax, sip & enjoy your latte!




Below are some lovely pictures from our MATCHA MADNESS PARTY held in our West Hartford, Blue Back Square location. Guests not only learned how to make a perfect Matcha Coconut Latte, they got to sample them as well! (Thank you Elisa Eve for the beautiful photos!)

Copyright 2015 Elisa E. Photo
(Photo Credit: Elisa E. Photo)
Copyright 2015 Elisa E. Photo
(Photo Credit: Elisa E. Photo)
Copyright 2015 Elisa E. Photo
(Photo Credit: Elisa E. Photo)



Tea Recipes

Vanilla Chai Matcha Latte

Vanilla Chai Matcha Latte

The start of a new work week is always hard, but you can perk up your Monday with MATCHA!! If you are feeling exhausted, anxious, distracted, or sluggish, Matcha can save the day. Matcha is one of the best types of tea for you because of its numerous health benefits such as:

  • Improves your mood & memory
  • Increases ability to concentrate
  • Provides long lasting energy without caffeine crash
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Increases metabolism
  • Improves immune system

Matcha is the entire green tea leaf ground into a fine powder, making it easy & fun to blend with your favorite teas. We tried blending it with a Green Teahouse favorite…

VANILLA CREAM CHAI – rooibos tea, masala spices, vanilla & orange peel. Rooibos tea is packed with antioxidants, it’s anti-inflammatory, anti-allergen, & it relieves stress. We hope you enjoy the recipe! 

And if you’re mad about Matcha, visit our location in Blue Back Square in West Hartford, CT for our MATCHA MADNESS BEAU-TEA PARTY 3/18 for tons of Matcha fun! Below is a link to the event, we hope to see you there!




1 TBS Vanilla Cream Chai tea

1/4 TSP Organic Matcha

1.5 TBS honey

1/3 cup milk of choice


  1. Steep Vanilla Cream Chai in 12 oz of boiling water for 3 minutes.
  2. While tea is steeping sweeten with honey.
  3. After steeping, strain 1 ounce of Vanilla Cream Chai into small bowl & whisk with Matcha until well blended.
  4. Pour rest of Vanilla Cream Chai & the ounce of matcha chai blend into your favorite mug.
  5. Froth 1/3 cup of milk & pour on top of tea.
  6. Garnish with a dash of cinnamon & enjoy! 
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DIY Matcha Latte

Organic Matcha Latte

Matcha tea is as tasty as it is healthy! It contains more antioxidants than any other green tea. It has numerous health benefits as well. It boosts your immune system, detoxifies the body, helps prevent cancer, boosts energy levels, aids in weight loss, lowers cholesterol & blood sugar, and contains anti-aging properties. It has a rich creamy finish (without milk) and it is a great healthy addition to smoothies, baked goods, & even cooking!

DID YOU KNOW?  The health benefits of matcha tea exceed those of green tea because when you drink matcha you ingest the whole leaf.


1.) Bring 16 oz of water to 170 degrees F, just below boiling point
2.) Mix one full matcha spoon (1/3 tsp.) of matcha tea with 4 oz of 170F water
3.) Stir together well
4.) Add 2 oz of Half & Half (or your choice of milk/substitute) to the 4 oz of matcha tea
5.) Pour combined tea and Half & Half into blender
6.) Whip for approximately 20 seconds
7.) Add the matcha & milk mixture to the remaining 10 oz of hot water
8.) Sweeten your latte to taste


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Matcha Green Tea Powder

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